Ivy Tech Columbus invites communities to vote for Mascot

Ivy Tech Community College Columbus is asking for the help of the communities it serves in
selecting a campus mascot.
Ivy Tech Columbus has informally identified itself as the “Eagles” for several years. The moniker
was inspired by the masthead of The Republic newspaper in Columbus, which features the
silhouette of an eagle, when the newspaper sponsored the campus’ former basketball team.
The college plans to make the eagle identity official with the addition of an eagle mascot.
“Our campus employees have really adopted the ‘eagle’ nickname as a point of pride and
consider the eagle our unofficial mascot,” Ivy Tech Columbus Chancellor Dr. Steven Combs said.
“As a bird of flight, the eagle representation also fits well with our campus location at the
Columbus Municipal Airpark. And, of course, Ivy Tech is dedicated to helping our students
Ivy Tech Columbus serves Bartholomew, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson and Shelby
counties with community-based sites in Franklin, Greensburg, North Vernon, Seymour, and
Ivy Tech students, employees, and area community members can vote for one of three styles
for the eagle mascot – fierce, friendly, or proud. The mascot will represent Ivy Tech Columbus
at community and campus events and provide a tangible sense of identity to the campus.
To view images of the mascot options and submit your vote, visit link.ivytech.edu/mascot.
Voting will be open until April 27. A name for the mascot will be selected at a later date.

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