Leising recognizes National Agriculture Day at the Statehouse

 State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg, podium) recognizes National Agriculture Day from the Senate floor at the Statehouse Tuesday, March 23. Established in 1973, National Agriculture Day is devoted to educating people on where food, fiber and fuel comes from.

“Indiana is the tenth largest farming state in the nation, with agriculture contributing more than $31.2 billion to our state’s economy,” Leising said. “I am honored to represent hardworking Indiana farmers in the General Assembly. As chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, I will continue to advocate for policies that advance agricultural interests across our state.”

According to the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the state is a national leader in the following categories:

  • No. 1 in commercial duck production, hardwood veneer, wood office furniture and wood kitchen cabinet manufacturing;
  • No. 2 in popcorn production, ice cream production, tomatoes (processed) and total eggs;
  • No. 3 in spearmint, tomatoes (all), engineered wood products and cropland planted with a cover crop;
  • No. 4 in pumpkins, peppermint, pre-fabricated wood buildings and turkeys raised; and
  • No. 5 in corn (for grain), soybeans, watermelon, upholstered household furniture and hog production.

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