Mask Mandate in some areas

In an effort to contain the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the variants: Arthur Alunday, M.D., Decatur County Health Officer, has hereby ordered a mandate for Decatur County effective: April 6, 2021 until further notice.
1. Capacity Limits for Social Gatherings and Events:
a. It is strongly recommended that the size of a social gathering or event be limited in overall attendance
(attendees, staff and others) based on Decatur
County’s color-coded metric, as follows:
 Designated as Red may have up to a total of 50 individuals present; with 25% capacity
 Designated as Orange may have up to a total of 100 individuals present; with up to 25% capacity
 Designated as Yellow may have up to a total of 250 individuals present; with up to 50% capacity
 Designated as Blue may have up to a total of 500 individuals present; with up to 100% capacity
2. Mask/Face Shield Mandate
a. The following are required to wear a mask or face shield properly:
 Personal service jobs: Personal Trainers, Tattoo Artists and clients, Hair Stylists and clients (If patron and worker are both vaccinated, masks/shields are optional)
 Restaurant Employees
 Grocery store and convenience store employees
 Optometrists and patients
 Dentists
 Hospitals and medical facilities
b. Per Indiana Governor Holcomb’s executive order, schools, COVID-19 vaccine clinics and COVID-19 testing clinics and state buildings are required to wear masks.
3. Hotspot within an organization
a. If a hotspot is recognized, there may be some more stricter restrictions to stop the spread of a hotspot.
4. Any facility or organization has the right to require masks and/or shields.

Please keep in mind that the statewide mask mandate has been lifted, but it still highly encouraged to continue to wear a mask, especially if you have not been vaccinated. It is still recommended to continue to stay home if you are sick, wash your hands frequently and do not touch your face. Please take the time to get vaccinated! Once Decatur County has majority of individuals vaccinated, Decatur County will be able to lift all restrictions.

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