Pre-pandemic visitation policies return to Decatur County Memorial Hospital

GREENSBURG, IN (June 30, 2021) — Following more than a year of visitation restrictions, Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) will resume regular visitation policies as of July 1.
“After assessing the current status within our community, we are pleased to return to normal visitation hours. We have an obligation to ensure families and loved ones are involved in our patient’s care to assist with the healing process. The modified visitation has been extremely difficult for families and our caregivers,” shared DCMH CEO Rex McKinney. The announcement follows a continued decrease in COVID case numbers and improved access to vaccines. According to McKinney, this announcement is a welcome one for both patients and families. “We know the last year has been heartbreaking for those who have not been able to visit their family and friends who were admitted to our facility. While our staff has shown compassion and empathy to patients, there is no replacement for
family support during an illness,” he says.
“Resuming regular visitation hours for our patients and their families is essential. The overall wellness of patients greatly improves when loved ones are actively participating in the care of the patient. Families may visit at any time while receiving care at DCMH,” according to CNO Cathy Wichman. “There are times families could be asked to alter visitation hours based on a patient’s individual situation, however, our goal is to always include families.”

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