Competitive Eater participates at the Decatur County Fair

Michelle Lesco who won a National dog eating competition was at the fair courtesy of the Decatur County Bicentennial Committee. Wednesday was National Beans and Frank Day. The tie to Greensburg is that Gilbert Van Camp lived in Greensburg from 1845 to 1860. The Van Camp Packing Company was formed in 1882.

WTRE talks with Lesco
Michellle Lesco and Casey Jones with the Greensburg Police Department
Casey Jones and Jeremy Haley with the Decatur County EMS after bean consumption. It was a close tie for second behind Lesco. Judges determined that Jones finished second. We talked with Jeremy Haley,
Brian Wenning with the Greensburg Fire Department was the fourth contestant.
Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch visited the Decatur County Fair

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