Redevelopment Commission Meeting

The Redevelopment Commission meeting began at 7:00 pm. Roll call was called with Judy Curd, Darren Burkhart, Darrell Poling, and Ken Dornich present. Absent were David Weigel, Mark Bower, and Jamie Humpert. The January 4, 2024, regular meeting, and January 25, 2024 executive session meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

Zach Wirrig, Director of Public Projects was the first to present Old Business. He began by discussing the RDC Property Marketing Program by stating that he has been trying to reach out to the current consultant who has been working with the city on this program and would like to enter into a new contract if the consultant chooses to. The original contract has expired.

Zach then spoke about the Residential Development Project stating that they have reached the comment phase in negotiations and they are hoping to have something to present shortly. Christopher Stephen, Redevelopment Commission Attorney stated that he is working with the developer’s attorney to negotiate small language changes in the contract and he feels confident that things are moving along. Mr. Stephen stated that it may be best if he can get the developer’s attorney to sign off on the contracts it may be best for the Redevelopment Commission to hold a special session before the next meeting to get this wrapped up. The board members stated that they would be open to this and would need to publish the date 48 hours in advance and notify media outlets. 

Zach Wirrig, Director of Public Projects presented two offers from two different farmers for the 11 acres north of Smith Road. All members agreed that they would approve the lessee from last year as they are the highest bid for 2024.

February claims for $4,479.03 were approved. The meeting was adjourned

The next meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2024, at 7:00 pm. If a Special Meeting is called before the regular scheduled meeting. WTRE will have that update and will be posted at City Hall.

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