Santa’s Heroes sends out a Thank You

The Santa’s Heroes Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in our program
for 2023. It was our largest program so far. With your generosity, we were able to help 127
children in our community and spent over $35,000 on the program. We were able to provide a
variety of clothing, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, food, and a special toy for each child. Without
the substantial volunteer base of emergency service personnel, this program wouldn’t be a
success. Without the support of the community and businesses through donations, this
program wouldn’t be able to continue, year after year. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all

Volunteers include: Adams Volunteer Fire Department, Bobby & Brenda Treon, Brad Tressler,
Burney Volunteer Fire Department, Clarksburg Fire Department, Decatur County School
Resource Officers, Decatur County Coroner’s Office, Decatur County Detention Center, Decatur
County Emergency Management, Decatur County EMS, Decatur County Sheriff’s Department,
DNR, Dollar General, Gary Chambers, Greensburg Fire Department, Greensburg Police
Department, Greensburg School Corporation, Greensburg School Resource Officers, Letts Fire
Department, Millhousen Volunteer Fire Department, New Directions Youth Council, New Point
Volunteer Fire Department, New Point Police, North Decatur Football Team, North Decatur
School Corporation, Shoe Show, South Decatur School Corporation, St. Paul Fire, St. Paul Police
Department, The 812, The Greensburg Daily News, Walmart & Employees, Westport Volunteer
Fire Department, WRBI, WTRE, &The Knights of Columbus of Carmel (Council Number 12387).

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