Southridge Shootout: South Decatur and Greensburg Basketball Saturday

WTRE will have an audio broadcast of both the South Decatur Varsity Boys and Greensburg Varsity Boys game on Saturday. South Decatur will play at 4pm and Greensburg at 6pm. We will not be able to live stream the game. Please see information below regarding a live stream for the games.

Southern Indiana Sports Productions will be providing the livestream for all four games.  
I have spoken with all the groups planning to livestream that have contacted us, but if you have a group who does this for you, might be good to let them know we are ok with any radio broadcast but no livestreaming for this event.  
Each game is $9.95.  If you would, please share this with your school and community we would appreciate it very much.  

Game 1: Crawford County vs Day School:

Game 2: Linton-Stockton vs South Decatur:

Game 3: Greensburg vs Southridge:

Game 4: Barr-Reeve vs Heritage Hills:

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