The Story of Prada Jane- A True Testament of what makes an Animal Shelter more than a “Dog Pound”

The Greensburg Decatur County Animal Shelter was proud of the recent journey of a sweet often misjudged pitbull. Her name is Prada Jane (P.J). She came into the shelter with a common reason.

During the fair week when the shelter crew was working at their concession stand in the pits of the Fairground track on a hot sweaty July 15, 2023. The Director was approached by a Sheriff’s Deputy stating that another officer needed her to respond to an incident that involved an animal that had walked across town on the hot asphalt. The Director responded and met Prada. A police officer assisted in getting her back to the shelter. When arriving at the shelter the officer offered to help unload her and assist in getting her into the outside kennel. When doing that Prada was scared and slipped her leash and ran into the little creek in front of the shelter. The officer went into the creek to retrieve her.

They got her into the outside kennel. It was apparent that Prada had some concerning situations going on. She had skin irritation, her pads were burned from the heat, and she was not interested in being approached or touched. Staff knew they had a long road to recovery and working with her in the future.

Finally, with treats, and soft speaking, she was able to be leashed and brought out to our isolation area from the outside heat. With months of patience and time, the staff and volunteers were able to gain Prada’s trust. She continues to have skin and ear issues but with the correct medication and diet, this problem has become much better.

After the Director and Adoption Coordinator met and began to discuss Prada’s future everyone knew that she was not ready to be considered adoptable to just anyone. Prada still has a fear of individuals and requires someone who has adequate knowledge of working with animals that have suffered trauma. That is when they made the decision the best future for Prada was to contact rescue groups that specialize in pit bulls. Thankfully through a grant from the Best Friends Animal Society, the shelter has an Adoption Coordinator who was able to use her connections to find a placement for Prada.

Luccis House of Bully Rescue responded that they were interested. The shelter was so excited and thought this was going to be the end of P.J.’s beautiful story. However, when the Shelter Veterinarian went to perform an ovariohysterectomy (spay). She discovered that P.J., unfortunately, had a heart murmur and that she didn’t have the equipment necessary to perform surgery under sedation of an animal that has heart defects. The Adoption Coordinator contacted the rescue fearing that they would turn her down and the rescue said they still wanted to take Prada and provide her with what she needed.

Prada’s official rescue date was moved a few times due to weather and trying to sync schedules. On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, she was officially rescued into the carrying home of Taylor Barrus, Co-Director of Luccis House of Bullys Rescue. Today I reached out to Taylor and asked how Prada is doing and what her plans are to help Prada become adoptable, she stated, “Prada is the best girl, she warmed right up to me and loves to cuddle in my lap. She is a happy baby! She is very vocal! I will be working on socialization with other animals and people as soon as it warms up a bit and I can take her out.”

This is a perfect example of a team that works together to get what is right for the animals that come into care. The team worked with P.J. for six months and at times that was not easy. She could have a little attitude at times. However, when in a shelter environment the sounds and smells are overwhelming and can affect behavior. Prada was given a chance and is now cuddling on couches and free throughout a home and not in a kennel.

Are you interested in being the author of a dog’s happy ending? Contact the Greensburg Decatur County Animal Shelter at 812-663-9081.

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