Truckers Against Trafficking Spreads the Word in New Point

Susan Dold, Rachel Sullivan (DCMH), CEO John Purchett, Sam Miller (DCMH), Mayor Joshua Marsh, Gary Copeland, and WTRE Kathy Verseman

Truckers Against Trafficking is a nonprofit organization that trains truck drivers to recognize and report instances of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. The victims are those who usually lack support systems and are preyed on because of this vulnerability. Victims are punished by their captors when they do not comply and, over time, they learn to comply in order to escape brutal punishment. 


Identifying your intersections are key to helping resolve this problem. Learning how to respond properly even more so. Talking with the leaders of this program as well as Sheriff Durant, we learned that an amount of subtlety is key. The goal is to not spook the possible suspect into running- or else these children and women can be lost forever. So how can you identify the intersections?

Engage the issue in your homes and neighborhoods.
Talk with your children about sex, media literacy and what pimps are really like.
Know who your children are talking to online.
Educate your friends, family and neighbors about this issue.
Visit the Resource page at for helpful tools.

How does your career intersect with this issue?
Is this a space where you potentially come into contact with victims of trafficking,
like professionals in trucking, oil and gas, health care and education do?
If that is not true of your workplace, could it be a place where you could educate
your co-workers about the issue, or even create employment opportunities for survivors?
Or is it a place where employees could donate to or volunteer with Truckers Against Trafficking through
a philanthropic program?

How can you engage this issue in your social spaces, like civic groups, faith communities?
Host a film and talk night to help raise awareness.
Support anti-trafficking legislation that criminalizes buyers and traffickers, while aiding victims.
Volunteer with a local youth-mentoring organization.
Invite a local anti-trafficking non-profit to train your faith community, local youth outreach organization,
or those who work in foster care.

Mayor Joshua Marsh and CEO of TAT John Purchett


CEO of TAT and Sheriff Dave Durant 


Decatur County Sheriff Deputies with CEO John Purchett image12.jpeg

Susan Dold and Antoine Sadler

To make the call to save lives the number is (888) 373-7888. Remember No Buyer= No Victim= No Sex Trafficking  


Submitted by Morgan Schofield

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