Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday.

The Westport Police Department received a grant from the Community Foundation to help improve the Westport community. They plan to use this money to purchase speed signs on the highest traveled roads, such as Main Street and South West Street, in order to improve road safety. These signs will flash speeds and be solar powered. The remaining funds will be used to purchase new computers for the department.

There was an update on the Westport Water Projects. They have been given a report from the operations assistance director who has been working within the plant. They are about 75% to completion of the plant. They are currently working on easements to continue the sewer project.

Ordinance 2022-9, for wage and compensation for 2023, was approved.

The State of Indiana sent the town a consent to a liquor retail permit. This is an ordinance that states Westport consents to providing a liquor license for a venue. This was approved.

Ordinance 2022-12 for utility turn on fees after disconnect was presented. This is to amend ordinance 2020-7 due to non payment of fees and charges according to the ordinance. The disconnect fees will now be $60; however, the fees will raise to $90 if on a weekend or during non working hours. This was approved.

There were 2 water utility adjustment requests. One was for an unknown leak that caused the bill to raise to over a thousand dollars. This was approved. The other was for a hose left on all weekend by kids that raised the bill to over $600. This was approved.

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