Westport Town Council Meeting- 6/10/24

The Town of Westport Council Meeting was held on June 10, 2024, at 6:30 pm. 

The meeting began with the approval of the meeting minutes from May 13, 2024. Followed by approval of adjustments, payroll vouchers, and monthly bills. 

The Commonwealth update was given for the Wastewater Project Bid Acceptance. Bids were opened on May 21, 2024. Five bids were received with the lowest bidder currently being Streegle Design & Construction. The council approved taking the lowest bid pending review by the USDA and legal. The current hope is the closing of the grant in July with authorization to begin the project at the end of July. Allowing 90 days to order machinery and materials they are thinking construction will begin in approximately November. 

The council voted to approve SIRPC to be their Labor Standards Representative. Since they are entering into a grant with the state they require fair and equal labor rates. The Town must have someone monitor and file reports to ensure that this is done. The cost will be $10,000. 

The Community Building Report included a bid that was received for $5,995 for repairs to the interior, however, they have decided to seek out other bidders. It was also stated that they are in step 2 of the grant process with the Community Foundation for a grant for the kitchen appliances. 

The council discussed ARP funds and approved on the 2nd reading Ordinance 2024-2 to additionally appropriate $30,000 for flooring in the Community Building. The council then discussed what to do with the tennis court. The discussion is rather to have 2 pickleball courts and get rid of the tennis courts. The other option is to have both the pickleball court and tennis court in one space. The council is going to post a poll on the town website to allow community members to vote on what they would like to see done. At the July meeting, Mike Gasper will be in attendance to discuss the pickleball courts more.

Other items to put on the ARP list were discussed during the meeting with council members allocating funds to all for  working on and possibly upgrading the fire hydrants that are broken in town. Bryan Gatewood asked that this be added to the July meeting agenda.

Town Council members also discussed not having a current Water Tower Maintenance Contract in place.

Bryan Gatewood, Council President, was very excited to say that they are further in the process of putting in sidewalks from the four-way stop to the Westport Park Shelter. They have received two bids 1. $44,550 and 2. $31,640. Then they would need six stumps and four trees removed and the bids received for that is 1. $1,850 2. $2,000. They are awaiting one more bidder on this project. 

The Town has received interest in the town-owned properties located at 207 & 209 Mulberry Street. The council discussed proper ways to sell, receive sealed bids, or auction these properties. Currently, the town has $22,750 invested in these properties. Bryan Gatewood asked that this be discussed at the next meeting as well. 

The Council set a date and time for an Executive Session to discuss pending litigation. The meeting is on 6/14/24 at Westport Town Hall at 3 pm. The meeting is not open to the public. 

The Public Works Superintendent provided an update on the IDEM report from 5/31/24 on 109 S. Lincoln St. The report states that there are no sewer issues and finds the town not at fault for anything. The problem that is currently occurring is stormwater. This was the same outcome as the report from 2022. The Superintendent also said that on social media it has been said that it was white toilet paper in their yard, upon further inspection this material is white mold that has grown on grass clippings and leaves. 

The town council spoke at length about if you see something say something. Even after hours, you can call the non-emergency line to Decatur County Dispatch at 812 222 4911. 

The council approved the 1785 N. High School Rd water adjustment of $91.18. 

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