Westport Town Council

Westport Town Council met on Monday. The council signed the funeral deeds, payroll vouchers, adjustments, and monthly bills.

There was an update on the Westport Water Projects. There was a report sent out by Commonwealth as no one could be at the meeting. They are currently waiting on piping to arrive and there have only been minor issues in the design phase.

George Schermer came to the council to discuss a mobile home park. Schermer recently purchase Briarwood Mobile Home Park and had spent the last few months cleaning it up. 17-18 abandoned homes have been taken out and everybody, except for one resident who is considering buying one of the new homes, has moved out. They are trying to utilize the space and are going to be putting in double wides only, as well as trying to do all drywall housing. The goal is to be affordable. The plan is to take it from 28-38 homes as long as the sewer/water system can handle it. There will be 2 homes delivered in the next 3 weeks. Schermer came to the board to make sure they were doing everything correctly. There was a motion made to modify ordinance 1988-3, regulation of mobile homes, to include skirting be mandatory as well as no homes older than 10 years be allowed to move in.

Ordinance 2020-12 to vacate certain alleyway behind Joyce Brindleys property was approved. Ordinance 2020-13, amending ordinance 2014-04 Purchasing, was approved. The ordinance did not meet todays needs and will now allow permission to pay claims and bills prior to a council meeting for approval. Resolution 2020-13 to pay off street debt of roughly $23,000 was approved.

There was a proposal submitted to the council for 207 and 409 E Mulberry Street. There was a request for a bathroom addition in a garage on 405 W Mulberry Street which was tabled. There was a discussion held on delinquent Sewer accounts. A couple of residents with long term sewer only bills. One resident lost their home and they cant collect the bill from them. They needed options to close the account and settled on writing it off and closing it out.

Morgan Schofield
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