North Decatur JH Girls Track 5/2/22

The North Decatur Junior High girls track team had an outstanding night on Monday. They placed second to St. Louis, beating Soutwestern. Some highlights from the meet were: 
Our 1600 meter relay team got second place with a time of 5:33. The team consisted of Olivia Reisman, Sara Litmer, Mary Stier, and Sarah Moeller. 
Sarah Moeller placed 1st in hurdles, 2nd in the 1600 meter run, and second place in the high jump. 
Ava Lecher placed 4th in the hurdles, 2nd in the 400 meter dash, and 3rd in the 800 meter run. 
Sophie Rohls placed 1st in the high jump with a new PR of 4’5” and 2nd in the long jump.
Layla Fellows placed 3rd in the 100 meter dash.
Mary Stier placed 3rd in the 1600 meter run and 2rd in the 200 meter dash. 
Norah Amberger placed 4th in the 1600 meter run. 
Jessie Biltz placed 4th in the 800 meter run. 
Olivia Reisman placed 4th in the 400 meter dash. 
Cloie Lewis placed 3rd in long jump. 
Ellie Metz placed 4th in discus. 
Sara Litmer placed 3rd in shot put.

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