From the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department

On 02/14/2024 at approximately 10:41 PM the sheriff’s office responded to a report of an alleged theft
of a vehicle. The victim told deputies that she left the Taylorsville area traveling east bound on E 650 N.
As she approached the intersection of E 650 N and N 50 W a vehicle behind her flashed its headlights
then activated blue flashing lights, believing she was being pulled over by law enforcement the victim
pulled to the side of the road.

The victim told deputies that two male suspects wearing all black clothing approached her vehicle and
displayed a handgun. The suspects pulled her out of the vehicle, pointed the firearm at her while
making threats to her life. The victim described the two suspects as in their mid-20s, approximately 6-
foot-tall with a stocky build who spoke English. The victim also described the suspect’s vehicle as a blue
passenger car, the make and model are unknown. After the suspects drove away with her vehicle the
victim was forced to walk back to the Taylorsville area to report the crime which took approximately 30

At about the same time the theft was being reported deputies were also responding to a vehicle fire
approximately 6 miles from the alleged theft scene. At this time it is believed the destroyed vehicle is
the victim’s car based on the make and model however investigators are working to confirm ownership.

The sheriff’s office is asking the public to come forward with any information about this incident which
remains under investigation. Please call the sheriff’s office at (812) 565 – 5926 with any relevant tips.

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