Fight in a dog kennel – but it didn’t involve dogs

JACKSON COUNTY, Ind. — Deputies in Jackson County responded to a report of a suspicious woman early Sunday morning. It ended with a deputy crawling into a dog kennel and using a stun gun on an intoxicated woman.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says 40-year-old Denise Konkle of Norman was arrested in the case.

Deputies were dispatched just after 2:30 a.m. on Sunday near 1300 North and 825 West after a caller said a woman had entered their backyard and gotten into their dog kennel.

Investigators say Konkle was “belligerent” with the homeowner and refused to leave.

A deputy told her to exit the kennel, but his commands were not obeyed.

The deputy then climbed into the dog kennel to attempt to remove Konkle. The deputy says Konkle began fighting and tried to remove his firearm from its holster.

He then deployed his stun gun, according to investigators.

Investigators say Konkle kicked a second deputy who later arrived on the scene.

She faces preliminary charges involving allegations of:

-Attempting to disarm a police officer (level 5 felony)

-Battery on a police officer (level six felony)

-Resisting law enforcement (class A misdemeanor)

-Criminal trespass (class A misdemeanor)

-Disorderly conduct (class C misdemeanor)

-Public intoxication (class C misdemeanor)

Rob Connett, Network Indiana

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