Indiana 6th district Congressman Greg Pence visits Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office/Jail

From the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department

On August 12, 2021, approximately 9:00 a.m., Congressman Greg Pence met with Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew A. Myers.

“I want to thank Congressman Greg Pence for stopping by the Jail this morning”, said Sheriff Matthew A. Myers.  “Congressman Pence is in contact with our agency frequently and he is a true supporter of law enforcement.”

Congressman Pence, Sheriff Myers and BCSO’s Chief Deputy, Major Chris Lane, discussed mental health issues, implied immunity, COVID, the Bartholomew County Jail’s BART (drug treatment) program and his overall support of law enforcement.

Congressman Pence is extremely impressed with BCJ’s BART treatment program and he took time to speak with some BCJ inmates about the value and success of BART.

As a member of the American Security Task Force, which includes law enforcement and border security, Congressman Pence had planned to visit the border, with several Indiana Sheriff’s in September, 2019; however, he was called to Washington for an important vote.

Sheriff Myers said: “drugs that are being brought across our borders is certainly not the only way drugs are entering Bartholomew County; however, drugs that are being brought across our borders are certainly affecting people in and around Bartholomew County, Indiana”. 

Today, it has been determined that the majority of drugs, coming into the United States, are coming in at our southern border and ports. 

It is extremely important that law enforcement has the support of our federal officials. 

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