Margaret Mary Health COVID-19 Update: 9.22.21

The Ripley Co. Covid 7-day positivity rate increased to 12.35% and remains in “orange” status. The Franklin Co. Covid 7-day positivity rate increased to 21.43% and remains in “red” status.

Emergency Department:  Emergency Department average daily census continues to be significantly higher than normal, resulting in longer patient wait times to be seen and treated.

Inpatient Care:  We currently have 25 patients on our Med Surg floor, with 3 of those patients in our Special Care Unit.  15 of our patients are Covid+ (positive) with 2 of those on ventilators.   We unfortunately have had very limited ability to transfer patients to higher acuity care facilities.  The majority of Indianapolis and Cincinnati hospitals are not accepting transfers of COVID+ patients and many are already boarding their own COVID patients in their ERs while waiting to be admitted.  The average age of our hospitalized COVID+ patients since the beginning of August is 60.  The total percent of our hospitalized COVID+ patients since August 1 who were not vaccinated is 87%. 

Testing: In the last week we continued to see a decline in overall COVID-19 testing, with 43 patients who tested positive and a current positivity rate of 26.1%.    MMH can provide testing for symptomatic patients at our Main Campus Lab with an order from your primary care provider. 

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