Columbus man found guilty of murder in Bartholomew County

From the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department and Prosecutor’s Office

On February 17 th Patrick Doyle, 40 of Columbus, was found guilty of murder in Bartholomew County
Circuit Court. The jury which consisted of Shelby County residents due to media coverage of this case
rendered a verdict after little over an hour of deliberation.

Doyle was found to have murdered Heather Steuver, 37 of Columbus, on or about 08/22/2021 at a
residence in the 5500 blk of E 800 N in Bartholomew County. Heather had been reported missing by her
parents to the sheriff’s office on 08/26/2021. Doyle was originally arrested on the charge of possession
of child pornography on 09/09/2021 while he was incarcerated on the above charge he admitted to
killing Heather while being interviewed by a sheriff’s office detective.

Heather’s body was later found in a shallow grave at Doyle’s place of employment. Heather’s death was
ruled a homicide as a result of blunt force trauma to the head by the Bartholomew County Coroner’s

Doyle was also found to be a habitual offender based on a previous burglary conviction in Bartholomew
County as well as an armed burglary conviction in Florida. Habitual offender is a status that results in an
enhanced sentence. It is not a separate crime and does not result in a consecutive sentence.

Sheriff Chris Lane says, “First my condolences to Heather’s family who suffered a tremendous loss with
the murder of Heather, they are in my thoughts and prayers. My thanks goes to the hard working men
and women of the Sheriff’s Office whose dedication resulted in a conviction in this case. I would like to
recognize the Criminal Investigation Division in particular Det. Kevin Abner the lead detective. It is not
every day that our community experiences an incident like this but when we do the citizens of
Bartholomew County can be assured that the Sheriff’s Office will investigate till justice is served.”

Bartholomew County Prosecutor Lindsey Holden – Kay says, “Today has been a great reminder of why
we do what we do. While we know this doesn’t right the wrong, getting justice for Heather and her
family is the best way that we, as prosecutors, can honor her memory. I am thankful to the jury for their
careful consideration of this case and for returning the verdict that justice required.”

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