4/6/24-4/8/24 Business & Organization Hours of Operation Changes

We are working to keep everyone updated on business and organization changes in operating hours during the Solar Eclipse. If you are a business owner and would like your information added please email Chris Ramey at crameyconsulting@gmail.com.

Syd’s Wash & Clean Monday 4/8/24- No staff available for pick up or drop off. Self-Serve Laundry will be OPEN.

Syd’s Florist 4/8/24- Closed

Jake Mattox Farm Bureau Insurance 4/8/24- Closed (Available for emergencies by phone)

The Beach Tiki Bar & Grill- 4/8/24- 10am-10pm

Centerstone-4/8/24- CLOSED

Decatur County Farmers Mutual- 4/8/24- CLOSED

Catch-A-Ride Public Transportation- 4/8/24- Running from 6am-2pm

Acra’s Buy Right- 4/8/24 8a-12p

The tAAp 4/8/24- 12p-11p

Russ Hubler Ford 4/8/24- Closing at noon

Decatur County Community Foundation 4/8/24- CLOSED

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