City of Greensburg Board of Aviation Meeting

The City of Greensburg Board of Aviation met on April 4, 2024, at 6:00 pm. The meeting began with the approval of the Financial Report. 

Paul Shaffer, BF&S attended the meeting in place of John Feister. Paul asked the board to approve the IAP-20-FA Pay Request #17 for $215,521, which is the final payout of this grant. The board members voted to pay this request. This closes out the grant and is 100% federal.

Paul spoke about the FY2024 grant that they have been working on for quite a while. He states that once the grant is completed they would like to ask the board to approve submission. The grant is for the four parcels that were purchased as part of the Avigation easements. These are parcels 3,4,18, and 26. The amount of the grant is $166,667.00 and would be a reimbursement from the amount that the board has already spent minus their required contribution of $8,333. 

Paul said that IAP-21 is not all the way ready to close as they are waiting for the final bill. 

Paul said that the flight check has been completed for the medium-intensity runway run lights and those results would be published in July 2024. He stated that compared to the old runway run lights they have greatly improved and feels that once these results are released they may see requests for additional use of the airport. 

Jerry Scheidler, Airport Manager said that he still has 7 individuals on the waiting list for a hangar. Jerry stated that he would be installing a rope around the airport property to block traffic from coming into the airport area to park for the Solar Eclipse. Also, he stated that he would have a sign at the end of the runway directing airplanes where to park to avoid blocking the runway. 

The appropriation request for $39,000 has been approved. This was requested for an additional storage building. 

The board approved all bills. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

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