Adams Township Trustee and Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department Part Ways

The Adams Township Trustee would like announce that it will no longer be utilizing the services of the Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department for fire services. The township has previously entered into yearly fire service contracts to address the needs of its citizens. Beginning in 2019, Adams Township Trustee Charity Wilder has worked with the volunteer fire department to upgrade its equipment, training, and administrative record keeping with the twofold goal of increasing the services received by her constituents and lowering the department’s Public Protection Classification from the Insurance Service Office, commonly referred to as an “ISO” rating. The practical effect of lowering a department’s ISO rating is to lower property owner’s insurance cost. Trustee Wilder stated, “When I took office, I realized that I could kill two birds with one stone by helping the volunteer fire department enhance their training, equipment, and administrative record keeping and in turn get better service for the taxpayers and also potentially lower their insurance, so I helped them locate some resources from other fire departments on how to accomplish these goals and asked the fire department to put in place some contractual requirements to help facilitate these goals. Unfortunately, after two years of waiting, I’ve yet to see any improvement or even movement on these goals. I can’t, in good conscious, spend taxpayer funds on a project or an organization that won’t at least meet me halfway in the effort department.” As a result of the decision to terminate the contract, the Trustee will be securing fire services from another entity and has plans to build its own fire station on property acquired for that purpose. In addressing those concerns, Trustee Wilder responded, “I’ve already begun the process of securing additional fire services and want to first assure all of my citizensthat fire service coverage will not lapse. Additionally, I’m very excited to explore different options available to the Township for the use of the property that we previously acquired. I’m very excited for the future of Adams Township.” The Township will continue its contract with the volunteer fire department through May 31, 2021. Anyone seeking additional information can contact the Adams Township Trustee’s Office.

This is the announcement posted on the Adams Fire Department facebook page –

As of May 31, 2021 at Midnight The Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department will not be responding on calls for service. Your calls will be answered by St. Paul Fire and Greensburg. The Board of Directors will be meeting sometime in the following days to figure out the liquidation of assets. At this time please do not ask questions, when more information is known we will make an official announcement.

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