Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday. The board approved the claims.

Mark Mohr gave an update. Bridge 239 is ready for letting and they recently requested an additional for $400,000 to replace the deck. There was a request to close CR 250 W from Base Rd to Vandalia Rd. This is for annual emergency vehicle training and would be from May 26-June 2. This was approved.

Kenny Buening gave an update. there have been 37 building inspections, 15 new building permits, 3 red tags for water base suspensions, and 4 house clean up requests. Buening went to court twice last week about the Lake McCoy property.

Sean Durbin with the Health Department came to the board to discuss a contract with Colin Durban. The board’s concerns were on nepotism and conflict of interest. This is due to the father/son relationship. Since this would be over $50,000 it needs to have 3 bids and not just chosen. This was tabled.

Commander of D Militia Rick Sasser came to the board to discuss his group. They are a part of the Indiana Second Militia and were formed within the 2nd amendment of the constitution. There are 2 types of militia: unorganized, which is what they are, and organized, which is the Navy and National Guard. They defend against forces that threaten our unalienable rights and their goal is to maintain law and order in a time of instability. They have no affiliation with any foreign or domestic entities that are a threat or have denounced the US. Sasser made it clear that they are not an extremist group, not political, not antigovernment, and not racist or involved with the Christian Identity Movement. They are here if needed to help protect Decatur County.

Roger Schindel came to the board to discuss HIPPA compliance. HIPPA was a federal law put into effect in 1996 to protect personal medical information. It is important for the county to protect patient/citizen information and they have legal obligations to make sure it is secure. Virtually every department is working with some form of personal health information (PHI) and breaches can happen in county’s systems. It is fairly simple to lock down and secure the system if done right. There are changes being made to HIPPA with most looking at the layout for GDPR which is much more intense not only for PHI but also for PPI (personal private information).

Judge Bailey came to the board to discuss the Community Corrections Advisory Board. Bailey has gone through the minutes of both the advisory board and the county commissioners all the way back to July 2014. What he has found is there are 4 expired terms and 2 positions that need filled. 3 of the 4 expired terms wish to be reappointed. Bailey was not asking for any decisions that day but was just bringing it to their attention.

There was a roof estimate of roughly $45,000 for repairs. The material price will soon be rising by 15% so now is the time to act. This was approved. The treasurer’s office requested the approval to allow deputy treasurers to go over the personnel policy rule of 60 hours comp time. This was approved.

There were 2 requests from Dunn and Associates. The first was for the American Recovery Act Plan. They have to offer Cobra to any employee who is eligible and send out packets. They are requesting a fee of $10 per packet. This was approved. The second was for the commissioners to sign the morbid obesity expenses. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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