Animal Shelter speaks out on needs following the seizure of goats and horses

Posted on the Animal Shelter facebook page – WTRE news has a call in to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department in an attempt to get more information.


On Thursday May 30th the Greensburg Decatur County Animal shelter, along with the Decatur County Sheriff’s department, filed a warrant to seize 81 goats and 4 horses from a property in South/West Decatur County for alleged neglect. Since this is an open investigation, we are unable to provide any additional information on the situation. HOWEVER, WE DO NEED HELP IN THE COST ASSOCIATED TO PROVIDE FOOD, BOARDING AND VETERINARY CARE!

The animals body conditions range from poor to fair with the majority needing nutritional rehabilitation and hoof care. As anyone who has cared for these species knows the cost is substantial and beyond what our facility has readily available. We have been fortunate to find locations to house the animals but feed, boarding and veterinary care is adding up quick. There is no special type of funding set aside by the state or county for this type of court case and ultimately becomes the responsibility of the rescue, shelters, and our supportive community members!

We are looking at roughly $8000 for the first month’s care of all 85 animals with veterinary care cost being unknown. Our facility is already teetering at max capacity; this case has added a huge financial strain on us, and we are hoping our followers and community members are willing to help offset some of that cost by donating.

Feed purchases can be made directly through Lowe’s Pellets and Feed by calling 812-663-7863, no need to pick the items we can do so!

Items needed:

Hay, high calorie horse feed, horse mineral blocks, 4 medium horse halters, 4 horse leads, spear goat feed (bought through Lowe’s), fly spray, horse bedding, feed/water buckets

At this time, we can accept cash, check or card.

Checks can be mailed to 1635 W Park Rd Greensburg IN 47240

Card donations can be made by phone by calling 812-663-9081

Cash donations can be made any time during business hours

We truly appreciate each and every one of our supporters. Thank you for being such a wonderful, helpful community!!

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