Greensburg Optimist of the Year Award- Brendan Bridges

The Greensburg Optimist Club met on June 6, 2024, at 6:30 am. 

The meeting began with President Rick Nobbe welcoming all in attendance and telling a few positives about the community. He also said that he started the meeting with a joke. Today’s joke was “Raising teenagers is something like nailing jello to a tree.” Rick spoke about Merrill Smith and what amazing contributions he made to the club and the community. 

Dennis Fogle came to the podium to speak about the James E. Griewe Optimist of the Year Award. Mr. Fogle stated that this award began being given out in 1978. He asked those recipients from previous years to please stand and the room gave recognition to those individuals. 

The James E. Griewe Optimist of the Year Award is based on respect. Respect for others, respect for yourself, and respect for your community. It symbolizes what an individual does for others and their community selflessly. 

Mr. Fogle stated that there were 7 nominations for the award with many of those being for the same person. 

Mr. Fogle announced that the 2024 James E. Griewe Optimist of the Year Award goes to Brendan Bridges. 

Picture of Plaque provided by Alyson Bridges

Mayor Josh Marsh spoke about his time working with Brendan as the Chief of Police. Mayor Marsh credited Brendan with the success of the K-9 program. He spoke about Brendan bringing officer-worn cameras to the department ahead of many other departments in the area. Mayor Marsh said that Brendan is selfless, determined, optimistic, and has a truly innovative mind. 

Tom Hunter said that he echoed everything the Mayor said. He states that Brendan has done an incredible job as the school’s Safety Director. Mr. Hunter added that they are lucky to have him. Mr. Hunter said that Brendan is always happy to help when asked. 

Tami Wenning said that Brendan does whatever it takes to get things done. She admires Brendan for many things which includes the love that he has for his community. Most of all the love he has for his son. Tami pointed out that as everyone was speaking about Brendan’s character and selflessness Brendan was assisting his son in getting his shoes tied. It shows who Brendan is and what he gives to the community and those around him. 

Brendan Bridges said that Tami Wenning had told him he would assist her with a speech this morning and that is how he came. He joked that he would forgive Tami. Brendan went on to thank the community and all of the support they have given Brendan and supported the projects that he was a part of. 

Wednesday, June 13th the Optimist Club will award the Law Officer of the Year Award. 

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