Anna Wenning Rayner seeks Decatur County Clerk nomination

Submitted by candidate Anna Rayner on her candidacy

My name is Anna (Wenning) Rayner and I am asking for your support to be elected as your next Decatur County Clerk! 

As one of the 13 children of Don and Theresa Wenning, we learned early in life to be involved in some sort of public service and to give back. Many of you know my brothers Brian and Bill. They both were on the Greensburg Fire Department and when Bill retired, he went on to be a City Counselman. My brother Mike has been the local dog catcher and has done many speaking engagements for anti-bullying with the youth. My sister Debbie (Thomas) has had her time with health issues that led her to writing an insightful book of hope for others! Each of my siblings have always been there for others in one capacity or another. A great legacy to our parents!

I worked for 11 ½ years for Optometrist, Jon Dooley and then 4 ½ years for Medical Multi-Specialty Clinic where I loved both jobs because of helping patients with whatever their needs were at that time. The “ultimate people person”, Tami Wenning, offered me a job in the Clerks office 20 years ago. I started part-time and after 5 months, I accepted full time. Public service is exactly what I have been doing ever since……and I love it!

Being the County Clerk has many responsibilities. Most people that come into our office have no idea what they really are needing. They need someone willing to listen to them and help them find the information they need to complete the action they are trying to do. While the Clerk and deputies are not attorney’s, we should be able to treat each customer with respect and understanding and steer them in the right direction. Public service!

I never envisioned my self as ever becoming the County Clerk, but as I see the definition of Public Service changing to something I don’t recognize, I have the desire to bring that service back to the “good old days”! I feel that I have had great teachers and co-workers thru the years that have modeled the true meaning of Public Service!

I would appreciate your vote in the Primary this May 3rd!

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