City of Greensburg City Council Meeting

The City of Greensburg City Council met on April 9, 2024, at 6:45 pm.

The Council members approved the March 12, 2024 meeting minutes.

Amy Borns, City Clerk Treasurer presented Ordinance 2024-05 for the reestablishment of the CCD rate. This was approved on the second reading.

Mayor Josh Marsh filled in for the Veridus Group providing the monthly update on the Municipal Complex Project.

Fire Station Update:

Poured front exterior concrete apron and concrete pavement

Hard lid ceilings installed

Painting has started and is ongoing

The rooftop unit has been set

Duct insulation is ongoing

Furniture is ordered and scheduled to begin arriving in mid-May.

Procurement Concerns:

Generator- Expected First of July

Overhead doors (Bi-folds)- Mid May

Street Department Update:

Lockers & Casework installed

Flooring installed

Painting completed

Ceiling grid & pads installed

Restroom’s tiled and fixtures installed

Walking the punch list with the Contractor this week.

Furniture is ordered and scheduled to begin arriving in mid-May.

Nathan Stoermer, Fire Chief stated that the contractor will work on a Deceleration lane in the coming weeks. This will not cause a road closure however the contractor has stated that they will have barrels that are 3 feet into the lane on Broadway Street. He said if a concern arises then they will re-evaluate. The creation of the lane will take approximately 3 weeks depending on the weather.

Sarah Hamer, Building Commissioner presented Ordinance 2024-06 with a favorable recommendation from the Plan Commission. The Ordinance is for the rezoning of the property from a “B-2” General Business District to a “B-1” Central Business District at 218 S. East St. Ordinance

2024-06 first reading was approved by the council. The council then voted and approved suspending the rules. The council then voted and approved the second reading.

Sarah presented Ordinance 2024-07 which would be cleaning up the the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to include changes that are more unified with the area and the requirements. She said that these are mostly minor changes. This was reviewed at the Plan Commission and was forwarded with a favorable recommendation. The board approved the 1st reading of the ordinance. Jamie Cain, a Council member began to vote to suspend the rules, and Chris Stephens, Attorney said that he would caution them on suspending the rules and approving the ordinance on 2nd reading as this is something that has alot of components to it. The board and the Mayor agreed to listen to Chris Stephens legal advice.

Amy Borns, City Clerk Treasurer presented Ordinance 2024-08 to amend Ordinance 2024-03. This will correct salaries for 3 employees. The board voted to approve this ordinance and then also approved that those employees receive back pay for the mistake that was made.

Mark Rissel came to the Council with three areas of concern. The first area of concern was DORA. He stated he didn’t understand why we were going to have alcohol at Rebekah Park. He asked why everyone keeps intruding on the elderly. He further explained that we have put the Youth Soccer Complex, Amphitheater, and now DORA right next to Arbor Grove which causes noise to the residents. He asked why this was not done at the fairgrounds. Second, he asked for transparency on funds that were used for the Eclipse and what budget the money was pulled from. The third concern was why the city got rid of the welcome signs to Greensburg. He mentioned that it was a coincidence that they were replaced right before the Solar Eclipse.

Mayor Marsh then responded to his statements and questions.

He spoke about DORA and the fact that Tree City Brew Co. has set up and sold alcohol during the summer concert series at Rebekah Park and this has not been a concern. He states that Pirate Park was always developed to be a green space to be used for different purposes for the community. Mayor Marsh said that the administrators at the nursing home have been supportive of several of the changes that have been made by the city in their area. He stated that this past weekend he and the administrators worked together to ensure that parking was still available at the nursing home and visitors had parking.

Mayor Marsh stated that two years ago Purdue University came to the city and presented about what they could expect as part of being in the Solar Eclipse path of totality. He states that this is when planning began. When the budget was created for the city a specific line item was added for the Solar Eclipse costs of $20,000. It was stated that any additional costs by the departments within the city would be absorbed by those specific departments. Mayor Marsh stated that all costs have remained below the $20,000 budget.

Mayor Marsh stated that the signs were ordered in the fall of 2023 and then installed in the first quarter of 2024. He stated that the signs were a much-needed addition as the other signs were aged.

Mayor Marsh thanked all of the staff, volunteers, and the community for a wonderful time this past weekend. He spoke of individuals that he met with and got to talk to and where they were from. He received notice today that a couple from North Carolina became engaged at Pirate Park on Monday.

The Mayor reminded all residents that Heavy Trash Week is May 20-24, 2024.

The Mayor told the City Council members that they have a Greensburg School Board Board appointment ending and that they need to appoint someone at the next City Council meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

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