City of Greensburg Redevelopment Commission Meeting

The Redevelopment Commission Meeting met on April 4, 2024, at 7:00 pm. The meeting began with the approval of the February 22, 2024 meeting minutes.

Zach Wirrig, Director of Public Projects discussed the tabled contract discussion with Lee & Associates He spoke about not having any communication since the contract renewal was sent over to his office. A commission member made a motion to approve the contract for the RDC Property Marketing Program with Lee & Associates. That motion died due to lack of a second. 

Zach discussed his communication with Fehrman Realty based in Lawrenceburg, IN. He said that he has had great communication with the representative at Fehrman Realty. Fehrman Realty does have experience working with large commercial companies such as Cracker Barrell. They sent over 4 contracts which is one contract for each parcel that the Redevelopment Commission would like to sell. The fee schedule is based upon a flat fee pay structure. If Fehrman Realty were to sell all four parcels they would be owed under these contracts $34,500 total. The commission members unanimously voted to approve these contracts and to work with Fehrman Realty on the sale of the land parcels. 

Zach spoke about the Liberty Lakes Project which will be a residential neighborhood located next to Lake Point Apartments on Veterans Way. The Tech Review was completed this morning with department heads and overall everyone had great conversations. Zach did say that they are going to look into the Culdesac specifications as the school has stated for a school bus to be able to go down the lane they must be able to turn the school bus around in the Culdesac. Zach states that they are still working on getting the specifications for the culdesac completed. 

Zach provided an update on the Apartment Complex RFP that was sent out for the property that the Redevelopment Commission recently purchased from the County. This was the old Decatur County Jail lot. Veridus is currently taking care of the publication notices and having discussions with interested contractors. Veridus has sent the RFP to 36 firms. They have met with 3 of those firms and are currently expecting at least 4 firms to respond. Chris Stephens, Attorney stated that he is currently working with the County Attorney to complete the title work and that the funds are currently being held in escrow. Chris said that once the deed work is complete they will move forward to closing on the property. 

Zach presented the Continued Scope of Work Agreement with Veridus. The contract is set up so that over the next 6 months the costs are not to exceed $18,000. This was unanimously approved by the commission members. 

The Commission approved 6 claims that totaled $7,554.99.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is May 2, 2024, at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned.

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