Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Open Road Renewable LLC / Ice Miller

LLP- is requesting a “Special Exception” in an A-1 zoning classification for construction of a Battery Energy Storage System facility. Cyrus Tashikori came to clear some misconceptions to the board and the public about their facility. This project is not a renewable or alternative energy project, nor is it affiliated with such project. Like the adjacent substation, the project would not generate power, but would manage electricity generated elsewhere on

the grid. By utilizing scarce room on the existing transmission system, this project would actually make a new solar/wind project more difficult to develop. Since the last meeting the project has had the following updates: Robust landscape buffering around project perimeter. They have continued to engage in dozens of hours of discussion and

Q&A from members of the public and county staff over the last 2 months. They have come to agreement to address adjoining landowner


• New permitting conditions that limit development of wind/solar (or a wind/solar transmission line) on adjoining land to either side of the project.

• The project will no longer own the land on either side of the project after construction.

The technical review committee gave this a favorable recommendation as it supports the comprehensive plan. The neighbors came to the board to say they appreciate the professionalism and comprise shown by the company. The property is currently owned by Robert & Elaine Vollmer in Greensburg, Adams Township. Petition 2022-7 was approved.

Walter Johnson requested a “Variance” as provided in Decatur County Ordinance #330 to build a pond across property lines. The ordinance says that there may be no body of water constructed that crosses property lines; however, the petitioner does own both parcels that the pond would cross into. Property is located in Westport, Jackson Township. Petition 2022-10 was approved.

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