Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Krekeler requested a conditional use in an A-2 zoning classification to run a small machine shop. There was a misunderstanding in the request as it is not a machine shop but a mechanic shop that they would like to run on their property. The property is owned by the petitioner in Greensburg, Salt Creek Township. The petition was tabled for re-advertisement due to the description error.

Emily Redleman with Redelman’s Deals on Wheels came to the board to discuss complaints against them. The office has had multiple complaints about her property’s overall appearance including scrapped cars and parts piling up. The property is zoned for the selling and repairs of cars and not for scrapping cars. There have been many unusable cars sitting for long periods of time, partially due to the new Indiana law that says a car may not be scrapped without a title. Emily stated that she has a gentleman who has been grandfathered into that law coming for the cars on Friday to take them to be scrapped. The board feels the property needs to be compliant for her own benefit. It was agreed between the board and Redelman to have the property under compliance and all parts cars gone by the next board meeting.

Morgan Schofield


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