Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Tuesday. The board approved the claims.

Mark Mohr gave an update. They met with United Consulting about bridge 231 which the commissioners requested an analysis on at a prior meeting. This analysis let them know that to repair the bridge it would cost $475,000 and to completely replace the bridge it would be $2,956,000. They did get accepted for federal funding, however this would make construction begin in 2028 and the bridge would remain closed until then. This was tabled. The covered bridge in westport will be inspected soon. They will still be working on flooding repairs and should be finishing those this week.

Sheriff Durant requested $30,000 to replace a vehicle. The vehicle is a Dodge Charger with almost 150,000 miles and $8,000 in repair already put into it. This was approved.

Morgan, Holbrook, and Shields came to the board requesting to vacate 2nd Street in Clarksburg. This street never actually existed and the family on the property have lived in the house since 1930 and have always taken care of it. This was approved.

Dennis Ratican out of Shelbyville inspected the clock in the tower and discovered the motor needed replaced. This was special ordered and should be arriving soon.

Morgan Schofield


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