Decatur County Commissioners

The Decatur County Commissioners met on Monday. The board approved the claims.

Mark Mohr gave an update. At the last meeting they discussed bridge 131 and whether or not they wanted to do a repair or a total replacement and decided to table it. This was tabled again for the board to further discuss it. They had a pre-con meeting on bridge 239 and Dave O’Mara is looking to start during the first week of August. There was a discussion brought up on alley closures. The board has previously said they will not make closing alleys a frequent occurrence, however they have a situation of a house in Burney that has the garage and part of the house built onto the alley. This has made financing impossible for the house and creates an issue if someone were to try and buy it in the future.

Joyce Brindley came to the board representing the Westport Town Council. Westport has been making improvements to their wastewater and storm drainage, however they are a basin and draining water from surrounding fields and Greensburg makes it hard to keep up with. They are currently building a new water plant and have never asked the county for money. They are requesting funds to help match the grants they have applied for to help create a town-wide storm water plan. They also requested help with fixing the covered bridge which was damaged in the floods. The county will take care of the bridge as they own it. It was recommended that they get the costs for each part of their project and submit it to the committee in charge of the ARP funding.

Adina Roberts came to the board asking if they planned to redistrict voting precincts. The board may not have a choice on whether or not they do depending on the decision made at state and federal levels. Roberts needs to give an answer to the Secretary of State. The board agreed to be open to the idea of redistricting, however this is not a commitment saying that they will.

The ARP Committee has been meeting and they have begun to appropriate funds totaling in $2.5 million. $200,000 will be going to volunteer fire departments, $150,000 will be going to not for profits, $200,000 will be going to cyber security, $50,000 will be going to a new magistrate, $200,000 for small businesses, and $200,00 for the 911 dispatch system. The remains $1.5 million will be left to invest.

All files have been removed from the old jail. Treecentric Solutions installed a nutrient system for the tower Tree. Rick Nobbe requested $2,500 be in the budget for the old landfill. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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