Decatur County Council

The Decatur County Council met on Tuesday.

Judge Day and Judge Bailey came to the board to request permission to hire a jury administrator. They came in last month to tell the council that the clerks office stated that they would no longer be doing any jury services. The judges feel as though they dont have much of a choice and need to hire someone. The position would be full time for both courts and they would also act as a bailiff. They would divide the cost for the position between their budgets and would need $5,000 for postage. The judges said that they would be grateful for anything the council could do. The motion to help the judges was approved.

Treasurer Elect Diane Wenning attended the meeting to request permission to supplement funds from the treasurers office. She would like to have someone in the office at all times to make sure that the public office remains open when it is scheduled to be. The council asked for Wenning to come in after the first of the year when she knows the meeting scheduled and they can appropriate funds then if needed to keep someone in the office.

Bob Barker from the Parks and Rec Department came in to follow up on the amendment to eliminate a maintenance employee in 2021. This would cost no extra money to the board and the employees of the Department would get a $4,500 raise. This was approved 6-1.

Erika Free was present to discuss the radio project to be funded by the Cares Act. She has met with the Commissioners and the Mayor to talk about Cares money for the radio system. The radios they currently have are working just fine, however Motorola no longer fixes them. This means if the system were to fail it would be completely dead. The new radio system would allow them to work outside of the center if needed. Surrounding counties have used Cares Act money to replace their radio systems. Rick Nobbe reported that he had been notified by Barnes and Thornburg who said that they can submit all Cares Act money similar to a payroll to the state. They currently have $816,000 to do projects through the funding, which have been compiled in a list that will be gone over at the next commissioners meeting.

Sean Durbin from the Health Department came to request the boards approval for grants and staffing. They need to be ready to do a mass vaccination clinic by the first of the year which will cost $242,356.75 for a 6 month period on minimum staffing. They hope to be able to get 1 person through every 5 minutes. They have to have the ability to test all 26,600 residents of Decatur County. They would like a full time position to be made for a public health assistant and there would be a $94,000 annual reoccurring cost. They would also like a grant for $100,000 approved. The full time public health assistant was approved. The grant was approved.

Sheriff Durant came to the council request a full Time maintenance person. We are the only county our size out of 22 similar counties to not have a maintenance person and the new jail is a blessing but its starting to have upkeep issues. Preventative measures are needed and the officers themselves cannot keep up and are not qualified to do them. The motion to hire a maintenance person for $45-50K was approved.

Everyone was reappointed to their positions on boards.

Morgan Schofield
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