Greensburg Water Board

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

Darren Burkhart gave an HNTB update on the new Surface Water Treatment Plant. Most of the storm sewer had been completed and the detention pond has been built. The painting was completed on clarifier 2 and there still
Needs to be touched up painting on clarifier 1, however the cold has put a halt on that. Grouting has been completed and all electrical conduit has been run as well as chemical feed and sample lines. They are trying to get everything in place in the treatment plant before they get the store front windows. Painters have started in the pipe gallery and they have started doing testing on process piping.

Rick Denny requested to dispose of equipment. Denny would like to contact local contractors about a couple pieces that are still usable and the rest will be scrapped. This was approved. The Randall Street Project has been completed.

Morgan Schofield
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