Decatur County Fair Board

The Decatur County Fair Board met on Wednesday.

There was an opening statement made about the purpose of the meeting. The County Commissioners have taken over the day to day operations of the fairgrounds. They find it disappointing it had to come to this, however they feel as though they are backed into a corner on their options on what to do. They need to discuss what options they have remaining and make a decision soon. The Commissioners did state that they plan to create a Fair Committee. All missing/taken money accusations have been proven false when accountants took a look at all accounts and found where the money was.

The Commissioners stated that they plan to stay on the path they are currently on and congratulated all past fair board members for their time and efforts put into the past fairs.

There was a discussion on what to do about their assets. If the fair board were to officially disband, all assets, including funds, would go to the Commissioners. The Commissioners have stated that if this were to happen that all money and assets would stay with the fairground, as the county has a fairgrounds fund set up. The option of donating all pens and other equipment used in 4-H to the 4-H Council. The Commissioners see no problem with this if they choose to go down this path. One member felt as though they should not disband and that all money should go to the kids for their hard work on projects and then they donate the assets to the 4-H Council. There was also concern about the Leuhr’s contract for future fairs, however this is not a concern for the 2022 Decatur County Fair.

Some members of the board felt frustrated with the Commissioners for renting out buildings for rates lower than what were set, as that was a main issue the commissioners had with the fair board. They would also still like an apology for the accusations of stealing money-that have been proven false- and treatment from one Commissioner who they felt was disrespectful at a fair board meeting. This was after the original meeting where the Commissioners tried to disband the fair board.

The board felt as though they need to get the action items in order before any official decisions are made, as their main concern is for the fair to succeed.

The board approved that at the next meeting every fair board member will receive a balance sheet to be gone over, so that they can divide what goes to the 4-H Council and what will go to the Commissioners. This will be done with the Commissioners and County Council to ensure everything is done properly and amiable.

The next Fair Board meeting will be on February 21.

Morgan Schofield


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