Decatur County Health Department seeks input

While the pandemic has dominated health-related news in the last 18 months, the Decatur County Board of Health continues to look to the future and needs your help in the planning process.  “Growing Healthy Futures Together” is an initiative of the local Board of Health to gather public input and provide direction for planning.

According to Indiana Code, the county health systems are responsible for broad-ranging facets of Assessment, Policy Development, and Assurance.  To serve the community effectively through 2024, the Board of Health is seeking your opinions on their future efforts.  Results will be reviewed by the Board at a retreat later this month.

“While we embark on strategic planning and continue “Growing Healthy Futures Together” we know the opinions of the community vary greatly and yet we need to plan effectively for the future,” said Dr. James Howell, President of the Board of Health.  “Our work is much more than responding to the needs of a pandemic.  Much of our mission is focused in public health areas; monitoring and promoting good health practices, informing, and empowering residents surrounding health issues, preventing disease, public health preparedness, and collaborating with the Indiana Department of Health.”   

The Board of Health is designated as the oversight board for the public health initiatives in the County and in addition to Dr. James Howell, consists of Dr. Arthur Alunday, Dr. Mary McCullough, Nick Peters, Glenda Porter, Dr. Maria Darr, Alice Hardebeck and Johnathan Orr. 

“The Health Department’s Strategic Planning effort is to ensure that the department is meeting the needs of county residents and will allow us to focus on the health needs of the community in the future. Said Dr. Howell “Citizen input is important, so we are encouraging everyone to take a brief, 11-question survey to allow us to understand how well we are doing and if we are meeting the current needs as well as looking forward to future needs. “

“We’d like broad-based input”, continued Howell “The survey will allow residents, to give input to what they would like to see develop over the next three years.  It may be more housing, additional clinics, more informational sessions, or any other program, now is the time to let your thoughts be known.”

To provide input, Decatur County residents can do any of the following.  Visit the Greensburg-Decatur County Library or the Board of Health to obtain a printed survey.  Go to the following website at and complete the survey, or visit the group’s Facebook page at Decatur County Department of Health | Facebook where the survey is posted.

The Board of Health provides oversight for the Decatur County Health Department and has delivered a broad range of services to the community.  It carries out the 10 public health core services as directed by the Indiana Code.  The group can be contacted via e-mail at  or phone at (812) 663-8301.

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