Decatur County Visitors Commission

The Decatur County Visitors Commission met on Thursday.

Erica Gunn, Kennedy Weaver, and Daniel Fayette gave a marketing update. They received a packet in the mail from Propeller Marketing, a third party that helps and provides many opportunities. They specialize in tourism marketing and are Indiana based. Propeller brought up the idea of a billboard since there is one available about 20 min outside of town. This would promote Greensburg and Decatur County to a large portion of their target audience, day trippers. It is estimated that around 100,000 people drive by it every week. The advertising on the board is able to be changed and it would cost $9,700 for the year. This was approved. There was a year in review presentation given. In the past year they have had the brand launch, website launch, visitors guide completed, and much more. They contribute a lot of their success to having a solid strategy of making a blueprint and then tackling each item, instead of just going in blind. Things such as online presence, core message planning and a content plan were all part of the blueprint. Kennedy Weaver has been focusing on setting up assets to help their internal workflow. She has been working with Simpleview to make updating the website much faster and easier, and would also like to implicate a newsletter.

There was a discussion on the 92.3 WTTS Statecation Campaign. This fall they paid $500 a month and the prize winner was thrilled to win. They reached out to tourism to see if they would be willing to participate in another round in the spring, however the station has raised their prices to $4,500 a month because of the previous success. This is far too expensive for tourism and they are going to meet to discuss a lower price. Before firmly saying yes or no.

There was a discussion on the part time hourly rate for Erica Gunn. Currently she makes $13 an hour, which is all the county will allow part time employees to make. They would like to go to county council to make a special exception since she does her job so well and is qualified. The pay would then be $18-$20. This was approved. There was a discussion on renewing the contract with Daniel Fayette+Co. They are going on 2 years having been working with each other. This was approved.

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