Did you get MOONED on April 8, 2024? Find out what to do with your Solar Eclipse glasses…

The Solar Eclipse brought many families and friends together on April 8, 2024. We were able to relax and enjoy a rare experience together.

The Hess Family

Several individuals submitted pictures that they took during the event.

Submitted by Sarah Fleenor

It is estimated that during today’s Solar Eclipse, we felt a temperature dip of 10 degrees Fahrenheit due to the sun being blocked.

A huge shoutout to our local public safety members for all they did to prepare for this weekend. Discussions and planning had begun up to 18 months before the Solar Eclipse. 

You can drop off your new and used Solar Eclipse glasses at Rivera Screen Printing located at 1010 E State Road 46 Greensburg, IN 47240, or the Greensburg American Legion located at 326 E Main Street Greensburg, IN 47240. They will be sent to an organization that will re-distribute them to individuals in other countries.

I reached out to Mayor Josh Marsh for a comment on how things went with the city and the City’s events. He said, “We were excited to welcome thousands of people from all over the country. I was personally able to speak to individuals from both costs and everywhere in between. Many of our guests mentioned the beauty of our community, safe feeling, cleanliness, and overall welcoming environment they experienced. It’s great to showcase our community assets and because of our team effort and robust communications strategy, I believe we hosted a very successful event.I think many who are within a few hours drive will make a return trip to either our downtown or the Fall Festival.”

I reached out to Commissioner Tony Blodgett for a comment on how things with the County. Mr. Blodgett spearheaded the events at the fairgrounds. Mr. Blodgett said, “After months of hard work and planning, Decatur County was host to visitors from all over the country, even the world. While we didn’t receive the overwhelming number of visitors we prepared for everyone I spoke to was exceptionally pleased with their visit to the area with many planning to return for the fall festival or the power of the past events.”

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