Early morning accident on south State Road 3

Letts, In. Fire Department Post

At 05:23 Decatur County Communications received a report of a crash at the intersection of South SR 3 and County Road 500 South in Decatur County. Decatur County EMS, Letts Fire/EMS and Greensburg Fire was dispatched. Burney Unit 227 arrived to find a passenger car with heavy damage and a semi with driver side damage, leaking a large amount of diesel fuel. The driver of the semi was uninjured. The driver of the car was assessed by EMS and refused treatment. A language barrier was present with the driver of the car.

The semi was traveling northbound on SR 3. The passenger car was eastbound on 500 South. It appears the car disregarded the stop sign, striking the semi behind the drivers’ front wheel, rupturing the fuel tank and striking the empty grain trailer. The semi driver went off the road momentarily. However, due to his professional driving abilities, he was able to maintain control of the semi and bring it back to the roadway and maintain his lane before getting stopped. The car came to rest partially in the southbound lane. Due to the amount of cleanup the highway was closed for nearly 3 hours.

The driver of the car was subsequently placed in custody by the Decatur County Sheriff’s department for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. **Of course, just like they say on Cops, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law**

Decatur County Communications handled the 911 calls and radio traffic. At the scene was Letts Fire R460, B40, B41, U462, POV’s, Burney Fire unit 227, Greensburg Fire R1, Car2, DCSD, TDS Heavy wrecker and recovery, State highway and DCMH EMS. Consultation with Decatur County EMA, IDEM and Indiana Spill recovery was made over the phone.

Hear Decatur County Sheriff Bill Meyerrose on WTRE radio with information about the accident.

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