Gala Wrap-up


The Hospital Foundation of Decatur County recently hosted its
annual gala with the enchanting theme of “Enchanted Fairy Garden.” This gala is a significant event for
the Foundation, serving as their largest fundraiser of the year. The funds raised during this event directly
support the initiatives of the Decatur County Memorial Hospital (DCMH).

Mandy Jo Lohrum, Director of the Hospital Foundation highlighted the collaborative effort
behind creating a large-scale event. She acknowledged the irreplaceable contributions of the
community, the Foundation board, and the Gala committee. “It’s a testament to the power of
teamwork and community support in making such endeavors successful,” said Lohrum.

This year’s gala was particularly remarkable, attracting over 400 attendees and raising an
impressive $140,000. The event featured a combination of activities, including a silent auction,
a live auction, and an online auction. Additionally, the Community Impact Fund took center
stage during the gala. This fund plays a crucial role in enhancing access to preventive healthcare
screenings. With this support, screenings provided at events like the Women’s Health Expo,

Men’s Tailgate, and Healthy Fair can continue. Access to these preventive healthcare screenings
is crucial for early detection and plays a vital role in disease treatment and management. Every
donation, regardless of its size, contributes to the Hospital Foundation’s mission of supporting
DCMH by advancing the health and wellness of our community.

Rex McKinney, CEO/President of Decatur County Memorial Hospital, greeted the festive crowd
emphasizing the significant impact of the Hospital Foundation’s initiatives have on the local
community, stating “the efforts of our foundation improve access to care and improve the
health and wellness of our community.” He expressed gratitude for the generosity and support
shown by the community businesses and individuals who contributed to the success of the gala.
He also commented, “The event is extra special since this is the first DMCH Foundation Gala
held at a location within Decatur County.” It is clear this collective commitment enhances the
health and well-being of the Decatur County community.

With this year’s gala in the books, 2025’s planning is already underway. Stay tuned to the
Foundation’s social media for updates. Pictures from this year event have been posted there as

The Hospital Foundation of Decatur County was founded in 1992 as a 501(c)3 organization to
provide additional financial support for the healthcare initiatives of Decatur County Memorial
Hospital. Donations can be made online at or through the Foundation
office, located at 720 N. Lincoln Street, Greensburg, IN 47240. The Hospital Foundation of
Decatur County may be reached at 812-663-1220.

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