Garments of Grace now open

Greensburg, Indiana – Greensburg Community Bread of Life is excited to announce the opening of Garments of Grace, a new service for the community. Located in the previous kitchen at 700 E Randall Street, Garments of Grace was formed to help adults in need of clothing – for interviews, life events, emergencies, and other circumstances. Garments of Grace provides free adult clothing to both men and women. “Once we moved into our new building, I started praying how God wanted us to use this former space on 700 E Randall,” stated Melissa Foist. “We had several ideas but clothing for adults kept coming to the top of the list. We then had a patron in need of clothing for her mother’s funeral as she didn’t have anything appropriate. Luckily a volunteer took her to buy an outfit. We knew then we were on the right path for that building.”
The building needed renovation to transform it from a kitchen to a space for clothing. Aaron Mentz, GHS
Construction Trades teacher and Heather Comer, GHS Family and Consumer Science teacher had their
respective classes use the space as projects for their students. Comer’s classes designed, painted, and
decorated the space to look like a boutique and Mentz’s classes did the construction work. After spring and fall classes, the space was transformed into a boutique with space for sorting clothes, sewing room, and storage.
Working with partner agencies, Garments of Grace is available by appointments only. A guiding principle of the Bread of Life is to provide dignity to those in need. At an appointment, outfits are put together
specifically for the sizes needed and patrons try them on before heading out the door. The results have been positive. “We had one woman tell us she had never done anything like this. It was heartwarming” stated Foist. “She was taking care of herself for once.”
For appointments, call the office, 812-663-1055. Garments of Grace is taking limited donations of new or
gently used clothing for men and women. Call the office to find out if donations are being accepted at that time. Follow our Facebook page for possible immediate needs.
“First and foremost, we are a soup kitchen, offering free hot meals to those dealing with food insecurity,”
explains Foist. “But with our RISE program and Garments of Grace, we now have three components to our
ministry – Food, Knowledge, and Clothing. We look forward to fulfilling our mission of meeting our neighbors’ needs.”

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