Greensburg Area Plan Commission

The Greensburg Area Plan Commission met on Tuesday.

There was a public hearing on 3 items. The 2022 City of Greensburg Comprehensive Plan Was open for public comment. American Structurepoint started gathering information last year to draft the plan which was reviewed by a team of those within the city. Their plan focuses on livability and sustainability on many specific areas. From their surveys they gathered the citizens want more transparency, more housing, more official support for local businesses, sidewalk maintenance, retaining youth, and neighborhood identity. There was no public comment. Primary Plat & Secondary Plat for 602 S. Michigan Ave was open for public comment. Kenny Hooten would like to subdivide into 2 parcels to make the selling of the house on one of the parcels easier. The plat is landlocked and Hooten has no problem in changing the property lines in order to make one larger parcel, as the board is not able to approve a landlocked plat. There was no public comment. The Rezoning of the September Place property from R-4 Multi-family Residential District to a B2 General Business District was open to public comment. They are requesting this rezone in order to rent out the warehouse on the property as a storefront. The store owner says there will be no retail in warehouse as 99% of their work is done offsite. They will also be open from 7-6 and will have a clean workspace and employees. There were several neighbor concerns. One concern had to do with why they are changing the zoning back to B-2. This is because originally the R zoning for their needs in 2014, however they wish to enhance their property by using the warehouse and, by adding a sign, will need to be rezoned. There was also a concern on the lack of control over what business could go there, as B-2 is a wide range.

The public hearing was closed.

Matthew O’Rourke with American Structurepoint presented Resolution #2022-10 a recommendation to City Council for approval of 2022 City of Greensburg Comprehensive Plan. This was approved.

The board approved the recommendation to City Council for creation of new Economic Development Area/TIF Area.

The board approved both the primary and secondary plats for Kenny Hooten.

The board did not approve the recommendation to City Council for the approval of the rezoning of September Place.

Morgan Schofield


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