Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith came to the board to request a new portable lift station diesel generator. The current generator is 40 years old and it is difficult to get parts for for repairs. It is also difficult to transport and is too big for lift stations. This is in the capital improvement plan. Option 1 for $78,322 was approved.

Police Chief Mike McNealy, newly retired K9 Echo, and Sgt. Chris Bridges

Police Chief Mike McNealy came to the board to request the retirement of K9 Echo. Echo joined the force in 2018 as a rescue animal. Her partner is Sgt. Chris Bridges who will be transferred ownership of Echo. Echo has 898 hours of training and has assisted in the arrest of 62 offenders on 72 different drug charges. The reason for retirement is a right partial ACL tear and Dr. Sweet’s recommendation was that Echo could have a good quality of life if retired and not putting strain on the tear through training. The board thanked K9 Echo for her service and approved her retirement. McNealy requested to purchase new firearms. This is covered by the general obligation bond. This was approved. There was a request made for a new door access system. The current system is original from when the building was built in 2005 and has crashing issues. This is covered by the general obligation bond. This was approved. McNealy asked the board what the next step was on the policies update, in regards to if it needs to be submitted to legal council or the board next. The board approved the policies update to be submitted to legal council electronically.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer came to the board to requesting to dispose of obsolete equipment including a camper shell, rusted truck bed, and several interior seats. This was approved. There was a Fire Station Task Force update. They have met twice and had good conversations where they decided to move offsite and begin to explore other sites for the new fire station. They have started to work with City Council on moving forward. They requested a vote of confidence from the board to begin land negotiations. This was granted.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented the terrazzo floor restoration. This is to put a protective coat on the restroom floor. This was approved.

The claims were approved.

The board thanked all employees who helped during the winter storm.

Morgan Schofield


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