Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

Police Chief Mike McNealy presented the bid for the HVAC system. This was tabled from last month with a positive recommendation to proceed. The bid was approved pending additional appropriation of funds.

David Rainey and John Bryant with Veridus Group provided an update on the Municipal Complex Project for the new Street and Fire Departments’ campus. They are expecting a 100% construction document from DLZ on March 9. They are expecting mobilization in April and site work to begin in May with a substantial completion date of March 2024. As of now the project remains on budget. There was a request to place a Timelapse camera to use the footage for a video once construction is done.

Mark Carman with the Tree City Fall Festival requested Street closures for September 15-16. This would be from 6 am Friday to 11 pm on Saturday. Along with part of North Broadway Street on Saturday for the parade. This was approved.

Detective Stephen Barnes and Police Chief Mike McNealy

Police Chief Mike McNealy presented the retirement of Detective Stephen Barnes. Barnes began his career with GPD on January 1, 1998 and was promoted to sergeant in 2003. In 2004 he was a founding member of the tactical response team. In 2016 became an investigator focusing on child crimes and sex crimes- a job not many want to do. Barnes will continue his service to the community by working in the Decatur County Prosecutors Office after his retirement from GPD. The board approved the retirement and thanked Barnes for his service.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer requested to purchase a fire inspector truck to replace the dodge charger. This is for a Chevy Colorado for $27,160. This was approved. The board approved the Fair Measures contract for the Professional Development day for the fire department. This is for 2 speakers for training for all level firemen. The bids were opened for the 2008 Ford Expedition. This was awarded to New Point Volunteer Fire Department who had the highest bid of $5,137.87.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper presented the bid opening for a truck. This was awarded to KFab Inc. who had the highest bid of $6,887.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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