Greensburg Board of Works

Greensburg Board of Works met on Tuesday.

Veridus Group gave the monthly update on the Municipal Complex Project. There has been a lot of progress on mass earthwork. The dirt is being moved to another site in order to be used for a future project. The stormwater will be installed completely by the end of January. The Fire Station membrane roofing has started and the drywall will be done at the end of the month. The Street Department salt barn walls and the foundations for the storage building are complete. The project is still on budget and on schedule for Spring of 2024.

Police Chief Mike McNealy presented the Flock Safety Pricing contract. This has been a great investigative tool that they have used since 2001. There have been a lot of updates and new technology added and, due to this, the pricing has gone up. The company sent this contract with the statement that if they were to sign before the end of the year, they would save $10,000 over the time of the 5 year contract. This is in budget. This was approved.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith gave an update on Local Limits. This is an ongoing evaluation that must be done every year. This is to amend the 2019 report to add a monthly limit in poundage for lead, nickel, and zinc as well as a fluoride limit on top of the daily limits.

Mayor Josh Marsh discussed the retirement of City Engineer Ron May. May is retiring at the end of the year and they have been going through the process of finding a replacement. They have found one and will be announcing them at the start of the year.

The claims were approved.

Next month Robin Meyer will be joining the Board of Works from the Water Board.

The Holiday trash schedule can be found at the city of Greensburg website.

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