Greensburg Board of Works

The Greensburg Board of Works met on Monday.

The municipal advisor engagement was presented to the board. This is for Reedy Financial to assist with the bonds for tax levy with the Greensburg Police Department and how the city can use these going forward. This was approved.

City Engineer Ron May opened bids for the Pirate Park Entrance Project. The bids were as follow: Milestone Contractors for $118,900, Johannigman Excavating for $84,600, Dave O’Mara Contractors for $123,759, Schutte Excavating for $87,890, and Paul H Rohe Company Incorporated for $95,725. Johannigman Excavating were awarded the project. May also opened the bids for the Community Crossing Matching Grant 2021-1 paving project. The only bid received was from Pavement Solutions Inc. for $145,176.76. They were awarded the project.

Joyce Holtkamp with the Decatur County Fair Board presented the road closures for the Fair Parade. If there is no rain, they will only need support on Ireland St. and Park Rd. This will be on July 11 at 5 pm. This was approved. Andi McKee with Tri Kappa presented the road closures for the Fourth of July Parade. This will be the same route as it has been in the past and will be on Sunday July 4 starting at 1 pm. This was approved.

Aaron Stoner with Enterprise discussed enterprise fleet management. This is to apply the rental car system to any city operation that has a fleet of vehicles to help save money. Stoner has been working with the Mayor to put together a fleet list of about 26 vehicles. This could be an advantageous opportunity for the city. One member of the board questioned if the city had enough vehicles to do this. Mayor Marsh held this discussion for the educational value of the board.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges requested the transfer of equipment. There is an officer retiring after 20 years of service. This means they get to keep their service firearm. This was approved. There was another equipment transfer request of a service firearm pending the retirement of Chief Bridges who will keep the firearm. This was approved. There was a vehicle transfer request. This is to transfer a vehicle to the Greensburg Community Schools system who will take all responsibility of the vehicle. This will cost the schools $1 a year to the city since it is still considered an emergency vehicle. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nathan Stoermer requested payment for the Honda administrators. This will be split between 2 administrators. This was approved. There was a request to purchase a forcible entry door prop. This would be an investment in firefighter skills for those who want to hone their craft. This would cost roughly $8,000. This was approved. Chief Stoermer invited the board to the Recognition Ceremony on June 16 at the EOC at 6 pm. This will recognize firefighter retirements, promotions, and new hires.

Mark Klosterkemper requested the approval of a leave of absence without pay for employee #172. This employee had an extreme medical issue and has used all other off time. They have been a dependable and exceptional worker, and this would allow them to keep their job as they are expecting a positive recovery. This was approved.

Utilities Manager/Controller Donna Lecher requested approval to do the Greensburg municipal sewage works utility rate study. This is a proposal from Reedy Financial for $5,500 and they do this roughly every 3 years. This was approved.

City of Greensburg Interns Sam Miller and Ellie Acra presented their summer project proposal. This is for an Outdoor Fitness Park which would provide the community with recreational activity as well as promote a healthy lifestyle and social interaction. They plan to purchase the several pieces of equipment from Greenfield Outdoor Fitness and 4 pieces will be handicap accessible. An app will also be released in November of 2021 that will be able to track workouts and show how to properly use the equipment, which will be located at Rebecca Park. The total cost for the project is $72,539. This was approved.

Mayor Joshua Marsh presented the updated Faegre Drinker Consulting contract. This was approved.

The claims were approved.

Morgan Schofield


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