Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals

The Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday.

Evan Manship came to the board to request a parking variance at the Old St. Mary’s church at 206 S East Street. Manship came to the meeting last month to discuss the plans for the property and recently got it rezoned to a B-2 Zoning classification. The property is compromised of 3 structures- the school, the church, and the education building- and they would only be using the church and Ed building for the events venue. This would be mainly tailored to weddings and would be in use 3 days a week- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The total space of the event spaces is 8,800 square feet and there is a limit of 200 people for any function held there. Following traditional retail zoning rules, they would need 1 spot for every 4 people meaning they would need to have roughly 50 spaces. They have 47 on site spots mapped out and are requesting the board approve these spots as a parking variance. The board was skeptical about 47 spaces being enough for 200 people, especially when added people such as florists and caterers are not in that equation. The board strongly suggested they pursue an offsite parking area. There was a motion made to approve the variance with the following conditions: they provide an acceptable overflow parking plan within 90 days, it be contingent on using only the church and education center, and this would not involve the school building. The motion died.

Anthony Scott requested a variance for an accessory structure on an empty lot. The lot is located on N Broadway and they would like to extend their deck and have an above ground pool. This was approved.

Green Sign Co. requested a variance for sign height for digital signs at Greensburg Elementary and Jr. High. The signs are 10.2 feet tall due to the pirate head at the top. This was approved.

Morgan Schofield


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