Greensburg Water Board

The Greensburg Water Board met on Tuesday.

The board recognized member Chuck Story who served the board from June 1985 to February 2021. There was a plaque presented for his service to the board and his community.

Darren Burkhart gave an HNTB update on the new Surface Water Treatment Plant. Rick Denny and his staff are fully moved into the new facility and are currently working some bugs out of the system for the programming. They have developed a punch list with prices of what still needs to be done. All utilities to plants 1 and 2 have been disconnected with the exception of the rural water lines which are being done on Thursday. The demolition contractor should be out sometime next week. The water break on April 5 was discussed. A line stop had been installed to work on piping, unfortunately the restraining joint failed causing water to kick out the line stop and shoot through the foot wide opening in the pipe. The new plant handled the break much more efficiently than the old plant could have, and the cooperation amongst multiple teams made the fixing process much more efficient as well.

Rick Denny requested to purchase a new mower. The have 2 mowers currently and 1 has a bad oil leak + 1300 hours on it. This is a costly fix and would cost about the same to buy a newer one. Denny got 3 bids to present to the board. The board approved purchasing from Stone’s for $5,979 + the old mower. Denny also requested the board approved a Hach contract. The have all Hach analyzers in the new facility and Hach wrote a contract for the calibration of these. Calibration must be done quarterly as mandated by IDEM. This would be an annual cost of $21,561 and is in their capital improvement plan. This was approved.

They are currently bypassing the reservoir again due to quality issues with odor and taste. This should be corrected soon.

People will not pay a higher water bill due to the break. You only pay what goes through your meter.

Morgan Schofield


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