Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals

The Greensburg Board of Zoning Appeals met on Tuesday.

Shari Blackburn came to the board requesting a special exception for a home business. This would be a 1 chair operation in a room of their home to be a part-time beautician. They do rent, however the landlord has no problem with this variance and if they were to ever move the variance would be terminated. They have ample parking and neighbors have expressed no concerns. This was approved.

Kyle and Lindsay Klene came to the board requesting a variance for a parking lot. This would be for their commercial lot to not be paved, as they currently use the lot for storage. This lot is zoned commercial, however the owners use it to store their product only and have no storefront because their store is online only. The board had concerns as they are trying to set a precedence about commercial buildings needing to pave, as that is directly stated in the ordinance, and also for businesses to come in and ask for a variance about no paving for both future and current properties. The request was denied.

Evan Manship came to the board to request a parking variance at the Old St. Mary’s church at 206 S East Street. The rectory has recently be purchased by a different owner. They have spent a lot of time with their design team to come up with both a plan for the property if they were to receive the variance and a plan for if they do not receive the variance. Both plans involve demolishing the old St. Mary’s school and keep the church for their event center. If they were to receive the variance they would have 47 parking spaces and a formal green space. If they were not able to receive the variance, they would have 59 spaces and a much smaller green space, if they were able to have one. There was a neighbor present to speak for the 4 neighbors in-between McKee St. and the railroad tracks. They requested they receive 2 spaces for each house that are marked as residential parking. The BZA does not have the authority to approve these signs, but they will look into who does. There was a motion made to approve the parking variance of 47 spaces from 59 spaces. The board voted 2-2 and the president made the deciding decision of no, as they believe they need those spaces.

Morgan Schofield


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