Greensburg City Council

Greensburg City Council met on Tuesday.

The board approved to amend the agenda to remove the discussion of ordinance 2022-07.

Fire Chief Nate Stoermer requested the authorization of expense to DLZ. This has been reviewed by legal council and would be $75,000 for the total service agreement. The board approved this to not exceed $75,000.

Jeff Whitaker came to the board to discuss the recently named private road, Military Drive. At last months meeting they named the private road Military Drive and Whitaker wanted it to be named Progress Road. Whitaker was under the impression that the board had to vote on his name choice. Whitaker is requesting they rename the road Progress Road. The board approved the name change, excluding the portion of road that continues on Memorial Way, with a vote of 3-2. One council member did not agree with the name change because the business owner only answered the name request email a day before and because it disrupts the military name theme of the area.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented ordinance 2022-08 for amendment of ordinance 2021-10 for golf carts. This was approved. Ordinance 2022-09 for amendment of ordinance 2019-40 for UTVs was approved.

Wastewater Superintendent Zeke Smith presented the MS4 services contract with Burke Engineering. This is for Burke Engineering to help them navigate the new mandates for the MS4 program through IDEM. There are a lot of tricky milestones that need to be hit within the year and this would be an extension of the current contract to help navigate these. This was approved.

Fire Chief Nate Stoermer presented the award of build operate transfer agreement. The developer will be GM Development and the construction manager will be Meyer Najem Construction for the new fire station build. The Fire Department Recognition Ceremony will be at 6 pm at City Hall on Wednesday.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper presented the award of build operate transfer agreement. The developer will be GM Development and the construction manager will be Runnebohm Construction.

Building Commissioner Sarah Hamer presented ordinance 2022-10 to update and amend various zoning code provisions. This was approved.

Utility Manager Donna Lecher discussed the utility bill reprints. There was a glitch in the system which caused the reconnect fee to be labeled as a penalty fee. Everyone effected has now been sent a new, adjusted bill.

Clerk Treasurer Amy Borns presented ordinance 2022-12 to establish electronic funds transfer for the City of Greensburg. This was approved.

Mayor Josh Marsh presented the land purchase agreement. This allows access to land for prep work and surveying and does not go through until the bond is approved. This was approved.

Rick Emsweller gave an update on Main Street Greensburg. They appointed 5 new members at the last meeting. The farmers market begins this Friday with every 4 Friday being extra special. The animal control board is looking for a new animal control officer.

Morgan Schofield


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